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    Packages Ideas
    $15 - 1 School Uniform
    $20 - 5 pairs of shoes
    $30 - 50kg rice (5 days) or 1 day food for 25 children
    $30 - 1 Day food for the kids
    $40 - 1 month Hygiene supplies (toothpaste, shampoo, soap)
    $75 - 1 month Child sponsor
    $100 - 1 month electric bill
    $140 - 1 month salary 1 staff member
    $300 - Property rent per month

Flooding, September & October 2011

Every year many parts of Cambodia face a – very very wet – wet season… here you can see how CDO looks at this time of year. It has been suggested that 2012 will be worse…

Imagine the challenges we face, the dangers for the children. The CDO working team continue with usual every day life, yet we cant help but lose sleep constantly worrying about the children’s safety around the water, as well as how much food we will be able to get to provide for them.

Imagine the challenges, but see how we continue to smile as a family…

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