Donate A Birthday!

Do you have your friends’ or families’ birthdays coming up and like to get them a meaningful gift? Give the gift of life and it can’t get any better than that. And it doesn’t take much at all.10616133_10152212838155356_8103244056426596970_n

For eg., a one-off donation of USD$50:

You are giving away 100kg of rice and a few bottles of soya sauce that can feed the 25 children living at CDO  for up to one week.

It can also buy one year supply of lice shampoo for the kids (as the kids need lice treatment every few days). Your birthday boy/girl will receive a personalized handwritten note from the children, thanking him/her for the gift. To these children, the gift means food and health care and education.

Please have a read on what one of our birthday’s giver has to say:

Callie, Sydney
“My good friend’s (Andre) birthday was around the corner and initially I wanted to buy him a pair of surf shorts. However I came across this site and thought that it was a brilliant idea and donated his birthday. A few days later, he received a thank you note and photos from the children’s home showing him the 2 big bags of rice that they bought with the money lol”

10577075_10152212848065356_7711233433575882302_nAndre, the birthday boy :
“I was surprised to receive a note with photos of smiling children creating my birthday cards on my Facebook page. At first I didn’t know what it was all about. Then I realized that my friend had donated my birthday in Cambodia. That was a great feeling knowing the money has gone into buying something useful (in my name!). And that feels like the best present ever. Thank you.“

How to donate your Birthday:

1. Send an e-mail to stating what is the message that you want in t10672308_10152212846800356_680530942717005536_nhe Birthday Card.

2. You can find all the donation details at “Donate“.

3. CDO will send you the birthday card images so that you can post it all on the birthday boy/girl’s Facebook page or other social network.


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