CDO Village Project

Leap Chass Village (see where it is located)

Leap Chass, 40 kilometers outside of Siem Reap, a 2h rough ride by truck, is the village that CDO is currently trying to help, where most of our children come from. There are approximately 120 families living in the village in small traditional thatched huts. The village is located in a very poor area. Clean water, food, adequate housing and clothing at times are very scarce. In addition to this, the roads to the village are very bad, and often cut-off during flooding season. The lack of good roads and transport makes finding paid work very difficult, making the income of the village almost nothing. In order to survive, the villagers go hunting in the forest and collect any edible plants, fruits and vegetables. However, most of the villagers suffer from malnutrition and disease.

When we first took the children to CDO in Siem Reap, we wanted to take as many children as possible to give more adequate care and access to education, but due to housing and money issues we could only take some of them. Even though we hope to help a lot more through our new CDO children’s home project and the village project.

At the moment, CDO take important food supplies for the village whenever staff and volunteers visit Leap Chass. The supplies normally include a bag of rice which can last several weeks in a family. We go to Leap Chass whenever possible, at least once a month. This is another reason why CDO really wants to be able to afford more permanent staff members, so that some of them can go to the village more frequently.

The CDO Community Village Project

At CDO our first priority will always be the care and education of the children here at the CDO Children’s Home. But when possible, we wish to also give attention to Leap Chass village and the village project.

With no access to education, future chances for improvement of the village were practically non-existent. As part of community development for Cambodia, we want to give Leap Chass the crucial assistance they need, to help them become self-sustainable and progressive

As part of the village project the aims are:

In the immediate future:

  • Provide a water filter system and clean water (at this moment we have 21 wells and 2 water filters donated by sponsors)
  • Provide key foods such as rice and tuna
  • Improve the roads to the village including building a bridge for when the road gets cut off during the flooding season
  • Establish some sustainable crops as a food source and improving agricultural skills and knowledge.
  • Provide primary schooling (thanks to a sponsor we were able to build a school with 3 classrooms), English lessons and vocational training.

In the long term:

  • Establish an education system. Education is the key to community development. Formal education is crucial for young people in search of jobs. Primary schooling and knowledge of the English language can create job opportunities for people in need – without education their future remains bleak.
  • Establish a health-care system, with qualified nurses to provide health advice and care for the village. (with the help of a sponsor CDO was able to build a health clinic at the village)
  • Establish a farming enterprise, to provide food for the village and also to enable them to sell farm produce to make money to develop.

Land for development

CDO and the people from Leap Chass have chopped some trees down on an area of land in the forest next to the village where the new community centre is being built. The trees are providing wood as a building material. In this area is where we built the primary school and the health clinic. We aim to build also a  community centre and a farming area.

We believe that through the village project we will be able to make huge improvements to the lives of the families of Leap Chass village, and they will be able to thrive off their own land. At that point CDO will be able to expand and help other children and families in Cambodia.


Our aim at CDO is to help to put an end to the cycle of poverty, but we need your help.

Thank you.


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