CDO’s Children and Families

What makes CDO’S family is our children. We are so very proud of every one of them. As a family, when we bring children to CDO we try to take children with their siblings when possible. This is to help the children to feel in touch with their family, which is very important to us.

Keeping CDO’s children and families united

It is very important to us to keep the children and families in touch. Many non-government organizations (NGOs) that look after children do not see this as a priority, and sometimes make no effort to keep a child in touch with their roots. At CDO we encourage this. We understand how hard it can be sometimes for the children and for their parents to be separate from those they love. When possible we take the children to see their parents, and sometimes we arrange for the children’s’ families to come here as well.  In our ‘Gallery‘ you can see more photos of the children visiting their families at Leap Chass village.








The children we want to be able to help

As an organization like this, we inevitably come across many difficult and upsetting circumstances. Sometimes people come to CDO to tell us about children that they want us to help that they have seen living in bad situations. Unfortunately, sometimes some parents do not have the best interests of their children at heart. Some parents want to keep their children with them, living in poverty, to beg or work on the streets to make more money. These children will not receive the nurture or education that they deserve. A few of our children at CDO have come from situations like this, but unfortunately there are many more out there that CDO cannot help.


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