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    Packages Ideas
    $15 - 1 School Uniform
    $20 - 5 pairs of shoes
    $30 - 50kg rice (5 days) or 1 day food for 25 children
    $30 - 1 Day food for the kids
    $40 - 1 month Hygiene supplies (toothpaste, shampoo, soap)
    $75 - 1 month Child sponsor
    $100 - 1 month electric bill
    $140 - 1 month salary 1 staff member
    $300 - Property rent per month

Delevide bicycles to the children at the village

Thank you to the people who donated 12 bicycles for our kids at the village for good opportunity to get education,
The kids were exiting about their own bicycles. Thank you again to the people who donated for our requirement with the right way and the right place.
if someone want to help the kids to have opportunity to get education please donate bicycle for them because the rain season arrive they are really need bicycle for transport to school, We need your help.

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  1. Very nice article. I certainly love this website. Continue the good work!


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