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    Packages Ideas
    $15 - 1 School Uniform
    $20 - 5 pairs of shoes
    $30 - 50kg rice (5 days) or 1 day food for 25 children
    $30 - 1 Day food for the kids
    $40 - 1 month Hygiene supplies (toothpaste, shampoo, soap)
    $75 - 1 month Child sponsor
    $100 - 1 month electric bill
    $140 - 1 month salary 1 staff member
    $300 - Property rent per month

Smile Action Team!

Smile Action Team is a volunteer dental program from Malaysia that came to CDO back in March. We were fortunate to be one of 4 sites this talented team visited and provided 66 of our children with free dental care. It’s a long video but the visit to CDO is at around the 5:00 point in the video (you will see our blue walls!) You can visit the Smile Action Team’s website to learn more about this wonderful organization by clicking here. We are expecting them back later in June 2014 and are looking forward to their visit!

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